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I have moved!

2009-03-27 13:26:03 by kile592

This account has the same reputation as Hitler so I made a new Account Called "Kurbz004" so go and look at it, or i'll kill your children and drink their tears!

I have moved!

I want to but I can't....

2009-01-19 13:53:16 by kile592

..I am able to make Flash in CS4, MX or Flash 8 But I just can't get the animation right, I'm stuck on the n00b setting and am getting a little pissed off, I have several projects going, but there more like tests, I'm re-making my Steve Reaper Series (BTW I DELELTED IT) as just "Reaper", This time it's gonna be serious. I'm Using Reaper to test out my Angles, I'm Making "Animal Crossing: BEHIND THE ANIMAL" I'm usig this to test my Art and Textures and I'm going to make a start on a thing called "Shape Adventure" and i'm using that to test my scripting and stuff, Shapes are the new thing that somehow gets on the front page, it turns out there fun to make, i'm gonna adapt that and make something DIFFERENT and finally i'm gonna make "Fucked up news" to try my sprite work

I am hoping that I can use More button types, onion skinng and all that jazz some time soon so for now i'm gonna go back to flash

BTW: I use Flash 8, it's the best one!

I want to but I can't....


2009-01-12 12:44:51 by kile592

I'm gonna give another go at making Flash now, but LittleA can take his story boards and Shove them where the sun don't shine (The Shade?) Then again I have the storyboards so that's impossible


I'm gonna try sound 'n' all that too so if your readin this then, ummm. give my flash a 10/10 5/5 because i'm a nice bastard!


Lately Flash has been nothing but trouble, I am always being told to make it and it is really doing my head in and when i go on it there are two paticular things that really make me tear out my hair, the first being Onion skinning, most people that make Flash without Symbols will no that Onion skinning is important if you want real time movment, for those of you who don't know what Onion skinning is, it's an option to see a ghost of the last frame(s) to help you draw the next one, I like this option but my one seems to be messed up, you see instead of showing you the last frame to help you draw the next one, it only shows the frames that are ahead, put simple it doesn't work!

Number two on my list is the most unlikely, it's the little douche sitting in the corner, the fucking colour!
Why you ask, well there are two things in the colour that add up to one great mounding pile of crap!
The firsy point is pretty simple, because Adobe's Trial goes slow after five days it well... slows down
guess how long it takes to change a colour (it should be instant) 10 seconds? 30 seconds? a minute?
No 5 whole fucking horrible minutes!

it's torture!

the second Colour realted shit bomb isn;t THAT bad but if you want special effestc it is, the shiny colours! the little picture representing them is all screwed up and wrong which is highly confusing!

These are the reasons why I MAY not make any more flash, but who knows, maybe i'll grow a paitence the size of an elephant NAH!

The biggest kick in the balls though are my friends, not that there bad friends it's just sometimes they nag, because i'm the kind of person who jokes a lot I... well I joke a lot and sometimes when I do
some Douche (I'm looking at you Alex) says "Haha Why don't you make a Flash about it, EVEN 2 SECONDS AGO MY FRIEND TOLD ME TO MAKE A FLASH, he told me on MSN to make one on my friends

It is quite cool at first but after a while it makes you suicidle!

Numbers 3 and 4: The grim reaper stories

2008-11-22 19:26:10 by kile592

(this is Kile592's friend, i write the story boards)

Just to let anyone who happens to care know, Number 3 and 4 are ready for animating and i've set to work on 5, unfortunately, there's no chance they'll even be started with animating untill monday.
And we havnt yet decided whether 3 will have our first voices, personally, i think it should... because it'd just be better.. but we dont exactly have the right equipment at the moment.

Anyone want any spoilers... just say so.. and i'll... probably not do anything.... but i might :P

Anyways... happy newgrounds-ing :D

(also, after we've started on sound, we might go abck and change 1 and 1.5, which is actually number 2, and any that had/have no sound)

(if anyone has any questions about anything.... ask me on my page, my name's LittleA, for a reason i'm not going to tell you, but u may be able to guess.........)

If your reading this then you've most likeley seen my Flash before, but today I want to talk about my Steve Reaper series.

In a way it's not actually mine, it's my friend Alex's, you see he makes me a comic/story board I look at it Slightly alter it, then Animate it, so I suppose he should get some of the credit but is is me who has the Flash (He's to lazy to get it) I did make some big changes in the first episode and I'm beggening to regret them but that's just how life treats me, that and i'm to lazy to fix the problem.

Whilse in the making of Episode 1.5 i've hit a little problem, sound, because I have no way of making my own sounds (Yet) I just want to put some nice Background music into my flash but i'm not 100% sure how to, I think you Import it to your libary and just drag it into the Keyframes but that doesn't seem to work, keep in mind i'm using Adobe CS4 Pro, and yes it's a Trial and (Awesome) Yes I figured out how to keep it forever (Because i'm awesome)

For those of you who don't know what Steve Reaper! The Grim reaper stories is, it's about a computer geek (Steve) who is addicted to World of Warcraft (WoW) who is kille by Death and taken to Hell, but this takes too long and Death is in too much of a bad mood to be bothered to kill:

-Obama (The freakin' President of USA)
-Hitler (Yes he's alive)
-Alex Davies (My friend)
-Tom Fulp (Creator of Newgrounds)

So Death decides it best to make Steve kill them (For some reason?)

That's the first Episode if you wan't to know about Episode 2 you'll have to wait for me to finish it, which should be today, so luck you!

Steve Reaper! The Grim Reaper Stories

Super Kala Fraja Listic Expi Aly Doshus

It's a long yet funny word

Do you like this?

2008-06-13 19:51:31 by kile592

I think it's cool, I don;t know about you but that's my opinion, To your surprise you may want to knoe that this was actually made on Paint, That's right! Remember that weird little thing you used to hassle your Parents to go on, Paint? well it's not dead, in fact I still use it quite often, Don't know about you though?

Do you like this?