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Do you like this?

2008-06-13 19:51:31 by kile592

I think it's cool, I don;t know about you but that's my opinion, To your surprise you may want to knoe that this was actually made on Paint, That's right! Remember that weird little thing you used to hassle your Parents to go on, Paint? well it's not dead, in fact I still use it quite often, Don't know about you though?

Do you like this?


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2008-06-26 03:43:59

I noticed when you were reviewing kirbopher15's flash, you were wondering about the control setup, it's basically a wavebirdish wireless controller and a headset complete with stereo screens, headphones, and a microphone, all of which connects to a PC, he explains it in a later episode, still doesn't explain the typos, but the series is based on some weird conversations he had on a now-extinct forum

kile592 responds:

cool, I also got an E-mail about that, I seen all of TTA now, I want to see S4, but there isn't gonna be one, never mind, thanks 4 the comment! :D