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Numbers 3 and 4: The grim reaper stories

2008-11-22 19:26:10 by kile592

(this is Kile592's friend, i write the story boards)

Just to let anyone who happens to care know, Number 3 and 4 are ready for animating and i've set to work on 5, unfortunately, there's no chance they'll even be started with animating untill monday.
And we havnt yet decided whether 3 will have our first voices, personally, i think it should... because it'd just be better.. but we dont exactly have the right equipment at the moment.

Anyone want any spoilers... just say so.. and i'll... probably not do anything.... but i might :P

Anyways... happy newgrounds-ing :D

(also, after we've started on sound, we might go abck and change 1 and 1.5, which is actually number 2, and any that had/have no sound)

(if anyone has any questions about anything.... ask me on my page, my name's LittleA, for a reason i'm not going to tell you, but u may be able to guess.........)


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