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To make Flash? Or not to make Flash?

2008-11-25 15:51:19 by kile592

Lately Flash has been nothing but trouble, I am always being told to make it and it is really doing my head in and when i go on it there are two paticular things that really make me tear out my hair, the first being Onion skinning, most people that make Flash without Symbols will no that Onion skinning is important if you want real time movment, for those of you who don't know what Onion skinning is, it's an option to see a ghost of the last frame(s) to help you draw the next one, I like this option but my one seems to be messed up, you see instead of showing you the last frame to help you draw the next one, it only shows the frames that are ahead, put simple it doesn't work!

Number two on my list is the most unlikely, it's the little douche sitting in the corner, the fucking colour!
Why you ask, well there are two things in the colour that add up to one great mounding pile of crap!
The firsy point is pretty simple, because Adobe's Trial goes slow after five days it well... slows down
guess how long it takes to change a colour (it should be instant) 10 seconds? 30 seconds? a minute?
No 5 whole fucking horrible minutes!

it's torture!

the second Colour realted shit bomb isn;t THAT bad but if you want special effestc it is, the shiny colours! the little picture representing them is all screwed up and wrong which is highly confusing!

These are the reasons why I MAY not make any more flash, but who knows, maybe i'll grow a paitence the size of an elephant NAH!

The biggest kick in the balls though are my friends, not that there bad friends it's just sometimes they nag, because i'm the kind of person who jokes a lot I... well I joke a lot and sometimes when I do
some Douche (I'm looking at you Alex) says "Haha Why don't you make a Flash about it, EVEN 2 SECONDS AGO MY FRIEND TOLD ME TO MAKE A FLASH, he told me on MSN to make one on my friends

It is quite cool at first but after a while it makes you suicidle!


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